‘Lies Are Their Agenda’: Canadian Journalist Blasts Western Media Syria Coverage at UN Event | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization ● Eva Bartlett ● Mainstream Media & FAKE NEWS If you would know the truth; you must seek for it among the courageous new generation of journalist willing to lay down their lives in war zones to bring you factual and truthful reporting of world events. Meanwhile those sitting in the anchor seats of Mainstream Media spew fake propaganda without even checking the facts on the ground. Cowards and Murders each and every one as their news cost innocent human lives by the solicitation of the general public’s willingness to go to war.Human courage is the only defense against Cognitive Dissonance and a most dangerous public timidity! Our fear and silence is our consent. SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER is the only path forward to emancipation from the control of the wealthy and fortunate few who control the content of Mainstream Media. Shame on the intellectual prostitutes sitting in the chief anchor seats of these REAL FAKE MEDIA, CONSPIRACY and PROPAGANDA Institutions. History will record the mass murders and human suffering your lies omissions and deliberate deceptions created and hold YOU accountable to the honest citizens of this world uncovering your deceptions with the real facts from these war zones, the actual TRUTH. Such truth that will always stand up to honest examinations. It is well past the hour the good people in every National Family take action and disenfranchise these ignoble betrayers of everything true, beautiful and good in human affairs and crowd fund a new independent and trustworthy Media Industry not owned and controlled by the Wealthy whose only goal is to profit from the human misery their lies have invoked. Civil wars, proxy wars and regime change slaughter have been inflicted upon an unthinking and trusting majority of the world’s citizens.  What has afflicted Mainstream Media is the highest form of human ignorance; condemnation of other Nations, their elected leaders, and  societies without investigation. #iWitnessNews.info  https://youtu.be/88w_J_KsSv0



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