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Answer – Quora – The conditions of effective prayer.

January 12, 2017


Watch “2016: The Year The MSM Died!” on YouTube ● Make a difference in the quality of your News Sources. Support the New Broadcast Institutions now appearing on 606 who honour the fact that the truth never suffers from honest examination. 

January 3, 2017

Watch “Putin’s New Year Address 2017: Challenging year brought us closer together” on YouTube | This post is not for those who have been poisoned by prejudice, blinded by propaganda, as well as deliberate lies and misinformation. Rather is this post for those who recognize that we belong to one vast world family who together pursue all that is true, beautiful and good in our combined human and spiritual nature with the understanding that love is the greatest force in all of Creation. Peace on earth and goodwill among all peoples’ will one day prevail. 

January 2, 2017